Protect Your Business With a BOP
A BOP combines multiple coverages into one affordable, protective packaged policy

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BOP (Business Owners Policy): A Packaged Insurance Solution

It gives you the freedom to combine two important insurance coverage options — business liability and business property insurance into one broader and cost-effective policy.

This one powerful policy protects your company against theft, fire, litigation and much more.

Your BOP Insurance Policy can be custom fit to specifically protect your business today and as it expands. provides BOP insurance quotes for small and mid-sized businesses.

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What is a BOP?

A BOP is short for BusinessOwners Policy.  BOP insurance is an all in one solution combining various coverages into one convenient package.   If you’re not sure what BOP is right for your business – or have not considered a BOP – learn how a BOP can protect your business.

BOP Eligibility

A BOP may be right for your business if you have less than 100 employees and less than $5 million in sales.  You have property or equipment you need to protect.  You want to protect investments you’ve made in your business.

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Need Work Comp Insurance?

Workers Comp Insurance is available outside a BOP package.   If you need Workers Compensation, please visit


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